Its extremely therapeutic, being busy that is. It allows life to swallow you up in activities, and you forget the triviality of your existence for a moment. Distraction truly is a beautiful thing whereas sitting around watching wife swap and eating hordes of baby carrots is not.

In other news, in my literary questions course we are analyzing the social contract and it has made me think of society in a different way. WHOA what? Im talking about being busy and then through out a word like society into the mix. I know, gotta keep you on your toes. You eight people who read this hahah.

So. Social contract. Its this little thing that allows us as human beings to forgo our natural instincts and give up certain liberties in exchange for security. We were discussing Hobbes’ Leviathan theory in relation to Rousseau’s concept of social theory today and it was interesting evaluating the validity and merit of something that has always been present and defined our lives without us giving it much thought.

Rousseau begins his writings on his perception of the social contract with the words “Man is born free, yet he is everywhere in chains” which is an interesting idea. Now he does go on to basically contradict that statement throughout his book, I think that he might just be mocking Hobbes’ perception of the world and human instinct BUT still when you think about it…it makes sense on some level.

We conform to a societal structure and way of life from the moment we are born, ultimately chained to a predetermined existence. Sometimes I just get the urge to do something highly socially inappropriate, like maniacally laughing in line at the store, or standing up and dancing in my psychology lecture class, or even just saying exactly what I feel or think out loud at any given moment.

Maybe I will do something crazy tomorrow.

Most likely, I will not.

p.s. OBSESSSSSSSED with the bachelor. talk about conformity.


2 responses to “giraffe

  1. why kallie i thoroughly enjoyed that. you have yourself quite a way with words through which, i must say, i found my brain tickling for contemplation. i’ll keep this ‘blog’ of yours in mind.

  2. thankkkkkks dude! hahah i do what i can :)

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