Tomorrow marks the beginning of my second semester of college! There are definately some lifestyle adjustments that are needed in my life at the moment. I am taking this opportunity to list them and therefore make myself accountable for implementing them as intended.

1. Focus on myself first and foremost.

2. Make the best of every situation, enjoy wherever I happen to be with whoever is there

3. Use up my lobo cash by going for morning walks to fetch Satellite soy lattes

4. Read entire Daily Lobo with aforementioned caffeine, because we are supposed to and I always slack.

5. Do yoga or stretch every day. And eat breakfast at that.

5. Practice guitar for at least 10 minutes a day.

6. Read nonacademic novels at least 30 minutes every day

7. Acknowledge three things I’m grateful for every morning.

8.  Sing in the shower; because its awesome.

9. Stop with the procrastinating, its ridiculous and needs to stop.

10. Save my money–limit sporadic spending impulses.

P.S. Here is the link to the music video that resulted from our winter break boredom, edited by the beautiful and talented Kimberly Metz!


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