I love nothing more than buying new conditioner and bodywash. Immediately after purchasing it is necessary to run home, jump in the shower, and loofah up! hahah but really. It is one of those little things that makes life worth living…and yes I realize how sad that is.

The conditioner of the moment is Treseme Color Protector(or something along those lines), which I’m sad to report is only available at Walmart. I have to confess: I am a Walmart convert. Its not something I’m proud of but seriously people, its the ultimate palace of treats! Not only is there hideous Miley Cyrus clothing in abundance(tweens of the world are jumping for joy) but there is Costco-sized bags of sour patch kids for 5 dollars (to enable my horrible eating habits), and live fish! Thank you China, for allowing us to have Walmart.

Also, the R.Kelly videos of him trapped in a closet is the hands down funniest shit I have ever witnessed in my life. Whatever compelled him to create and broadcast those, the world will never know but thank god he did so I feel a little better about my life.

And yes, there are like twelve hahah.


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