My muscles have ganged up on me and are ready to revolt. For some unknown reason I thought it would be a good idea to drag my lovely friends with me to a BODYBARREMETHOD class because the creator won best personal trainer in ABQ magazine. The first minute in that class and I am sure I was not the only on cursing my insistence on attending. You think you are relatively in shape until you walk out of the Bodylanguage studio.

The BODYBARREMETHOD is a combination of pilates, yoga, ballet, and weightlifting. OH and punching babies. hahah anyways I am glad that we survived, and fully plan on attending again. maybe. once i recover a little bit.

In other news, I determined to wear the ridiculously impractical shoes I bought recently today (inspired by a GAP ad of course). This is my goal in addition to finishing Ally McBeal season two, using our new grapefruit knife, adding to the calluses on my fingers by playing my guitar, and interviewing at least one person needed for my article due on Sunday.

I should probably make an effort to eat healthier too. I have a strange feeling that sugar, hummus, coffee, and green chile are not adequate food groups. EH, we’ll see about that one.

P.S. Look at my dog. I don’t even know.


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