It’s January Third…oops.

Procrastination is a devious little thing. It sneaks up on you, seems to be your best friend awarding you with extra time to live in avoidance. However, it is a sad thing when its January 3rd and you find yourself hopelessly hungover and still in denial of the fact that it is infact a new year and you have yet to even contemplate, much less formulate, even one New Years resolution.

I bet ten bucks and a Ricky Martin CD that there are countless people in the gym right now, people in the self help aisle of Borders, people across the nation actively pursuing the success of their carefully planned and thought out resolutions that will fix their lives and make everything perfect. Meanwhile, I sit in my house, mourning the loss of something I cant quite put my finger on, drinking a pot of coffee by myself and pretending to watch a show about a giant squid on the Discovery Channel.


Hello 2010


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  1. Very cool. I’ve been meaning to check out wordpress.


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